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Peace Place is a free online journal. Here you'll find  gentle invitations and suggestions for bringing more peace into your life as well as links to some other peace related sites on the web you may find interesting. You are welcome!
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Music of the Heart
An observant friend of ours recently pointed out that in shopping malls, stores and other well-traffic'd places this holiday season there is little or no seasonal music. At first this sounded improbable, but after taking note of a number of shopping centers it seems, in fact, to be true. There just is no real music being played in public places this year. The stores we went to were busy with numerous transactions, and parking lots were full to the brim, but there was no music, and no feeling of Christmas or Holidays in the air. Add to that the absence of the Salvation Army Santas that have been eliminated by many of the major department store chains, and the sense that the holidays are really all about commerce rather than celebration seems certain. As a culture we have no doubt lost touch with the joy and beauty of this time of year. What is to nurture us? What can bring us back to a place of beauty and joy in these days of rushings and returns?
Today is the Winter Solstice. Days have now reached their apex for darkness and now at long last they will be lengthing rather than growing shorter.  Light will stay longer. We will be able to see more later in the day.  We will have some relief from dark afternoons. 
How will you bring yourself through this time of year? How will you affect those around you? How can you recover your sense of wonder and share your peace with others?
Take some time to give yourself the gift of silence this season. In silence you have a moment to recognize the beauty and the joy within the heart of life itself...within your own heart and soul. Listen to the music of your own heart and to the beauty of your own life and soul.
Peace to you in this time of new life and longer days. Light to you as well, along the way.
6:14 pm est 

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